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Ines Adriana   
London I Lisbon

Ines is an award winning sound designer and mixer for fiction, documentary, animation and commercial projects based in London.

In 2019, with the support of Caulouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Ines graduated with distinction from The National Film and TV School with an MA in Sound Design. And in the same year was awarded with the Excellence in Sound Design Award by AVID for Pregnant Ground and nominated for the Verna Fields Award (MPSE) for her work in Solar Plexus. 

-Awarded Best Sound Design, FemmeFilmFest2020 (The Pregnant Ground)
-Nominee MPSE Verna Fields Award 2020 (Solar Plexus)
Best Sound Design, Short Sounds Film Festival 2020 (Solar Plexus)
Best Sound Design, Watersprite Film Festival 2020 (Solar Plexus)
NFTS Avid Award Excellence in Sound Design 2019 (The Pregnant Ground)
Best Sound Design Award, Underwire Festival 2019 (The Pregnant Ground)